Double-pulse Laser Systems for PIV and LIBS

General Information

Some applications like Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) or Laser Induced Break-down Spectroscopy (LIBS) require nanosecond range double pulse output laser sources with a precise delay between pulses. We offer several solutions from ultra-compact DPSS systems to high-energy flashlamp pumped ones.

All systems provide a minimal temporal step down to 4 ns (in internal synchronization mode) with jitter in the range of +/-0,5ns.

Highly homogeneous beam profiles are available at 1064 / 532nm in base modifications and in a UV range of 355 or 266nm for some models.


  • PIV
  • 3D PIV
  • LIBS


PIVotal DPSS PIVotal-60 PIVotal-120 PIVotal-200 Highly PIVotal Extremely PIVotal
Laser Type DPSS Flashlamp-pumped Flashlamp-pumped Flashlamp-pumped Flashlamp-pumped Flashlamp-pumped
Repetition rate, Hz 20 25 20 15 10 10
Pulse duration (FWHM), ns 532 nm 9...15 8...12 8...12 8...12 8...12 8...12
Pulse energy per channel, mJ 532 nm 60 60 120 200 270 450
Max. delay between pulses 50 ms 80μs 80μs 80μs 100 ms 100 ms
Beam diameter (near field), mm ~5 ~4 ~5 ~6.5 ~8 ~8
Beam divergence (full angle for 86% of energy), mrad ≤1.5 ≤4.0 ≤4.0 ≤4.0 ≤4.0 ≤0.9
Power supply / cooling system model (see details) PD-2, air cooling LPS-1000 LPS-1000 LPS-1000 LPS-2000 2 x LPS-1000
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice due to the continuous improvement of products.
  • Other combinations of pulse energies and repetition rates are available on request. UV output parameters (355 or 266 nm) are available on request.