Custom Design Systems

Long years of working with lasers have given us the knowledge needed to meet almost all possible customer needs. All our lasers are assembled on the basis of standardized modules that give us an unprecedented flexibility in systems customization and rapid-prototyping.

Moreover, we are ready to develop special laser systems in accordance with requirements that lay far from our typical product line.

You can view some samples of custom design lasers below:

DPSS laser for LIDAR applications

Passively Q-switched CW-pumped laser
5kHz repetition rate
100μJ pulse energy
Less than 0,1 mrad divergence
Precise synchronization with measurement devices

Single-shot Q-switched laser

Passively Q-switched air-cooled
Flashlamp pumping
2 shots per minute operation
50mJ per pulse
High energy stability

Free-running mode high power system for sapphire / ruby drilling application

Energy: up to 500mJ
Repetition rate: up to 100Hz
Low divergence
Flexible operation modes / Pulse on demand mode